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Super App! Video Review: Bugs and Buttons 2

Hi! It’s me, Ty!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a Super App!

Super App


Here’s what you can find in a Super App! post:

~ Created specifically for those of us in mind who rock the 21st chromosome and others who learn like us.

~My honest, no frills, true-to-life video review of an awesome app on my iPad, {I don’t know how to fake it guys}.

~ See the different ways you can use the app with your very important kid(s) at home or in the classroom.

~ Academic subject areas, possible lesson plans and potential IEP goals addressed.

~ I will only feature apps I use and like.

~I’ll be giving away some of the Super App! codes on Facebook.

~ And of course, some much needed silliness!

~Printable PDF template of possible lesson plans & IEP goals.

All I ask of you is to share my posts/videos with your peeps, use my affiliate links or the App Store search box in the sidebar to purchase apps and most of all HAVE FUN, dudes!


Our App Reviews are based on Ty’s experience with the app as well as Tracy’s thoughts on possible uses at home or in the classroom.

Bugs and Buttons 2

by Little Bit Studio

BB2 icon2



*Disclaimer* Always double check the price of the app before you purchase!



Highlights and Uses:

  • Plug iPad into the projector or place under E.L.M.O. for entire class to participate via student-led or teacher-led lesson.

  • Subject Areas & Potential IEP Goals Addressed: 

Math (shapes, number sequencing, counting with manipulatives and a number line)

Language Arts/Spelling (alphabetical order, letter recognition)

Cognitive (matching games, music memory and patterns, sorting, puzzles)

Occupational Therapy (pinching, stretching, tapping, swiping movements to increase hand muscle use and hand eye coordination)

  • Best For Grades: PreK+

  • Multiple users with picture and name ID.

  • Players earn and collect stamps throughout the game for doing well and try to catch Morty, the super funny in-house bug and collect worldly treasures.

  • Parent customizable settings for each user only accessible when you answer the “Kid Lock” questions correctly. Key settings including…

Reset all game data

Enable Profiles

Remember last user

  • *Our Favorite Part*: many of the 18 games built inside the app come with verbal prompts/cues AND manipulatives.

  • Possible Whole Class Lesson Plan:

 Open “Music Match”, have students come up to the iPad one at a time. Listen to the tune, try to repeat the tune. Keep track of how many stars your class earns as a whole and try to beat the record each time.

  • Possible Small Group Lesson Plan:

 Open “Puppet Show”, have one student be “Simon” and touch the part of the body on the puppet when directed by the app. The rest of the group follows the apps directions and touches the part of their body. New “Simon” when they misunderstand the directions given (i.e. touch the puppet’s mouth instead of the ear).

  • Possible Individual Lesson Plan:

 Open “Pond Jumper”, have student work on hand-eye coordination while keeping the flying objects out of the pond by bouncing them on a lily pad. Keep track of how many stars earned and try to beat the record each time.

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  1. Melissa

    Ds awareness month is October!

  2. Karen Allen

    Down syndrome awareness is RIGHT NOW!!

  3. Christena

    Celebrate our Ian and all those DS in October :-) ( well everyday, but recognized then!)

  4. tysadventures

    Awesome! Congrats, Melissa, Karen & Christena! Little Bit Studio will be contacting you shortly with your app code :) 2 more codes up for grabs…spread the word!

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